Meet Our Team



  • Dr. Meena Verma Dufour was born and raised in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.
  • She graduated with two degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.  In 1989, she obtained a Bachelor of Science Advanced (BScAdv) degree in anatomy and then completed her doctor of dental medicine (DMD) in 1994.
  • Upon graduation, Dr. Dufour moved back to her hometown of Swift Current, Saskatchewan where her father had worked as a pediatrician for over 40 years.  After 2 years of working as an associate dentist in Swift Current, she moved to Regina and opened Prairie Dental Clinic in 1996.
  • Dr. Dufour married Dan Dufour, CPA, CA, CRMA in 1996 and they have two sons.  Dan and her two sons are very active in the Regina soccer community.  Dr. Dufour is now an official “soccer mom”.



  • Answers all your questions
  • Books appointments
  • Helps you understand the work that needs to be done
  • Helps you understand what your insurance will or will not cover
  • Submits insurance claims on your behalf
  • Obtains insurance approvals
  • Gives you timely reminder for your appointments and checkups
  • Takes your payment

The Hygienist:

  • Assists the dentist for examinations
  • Screens for dental and soft tissue diseases
  • Pays particular attention to the supporting structures of the teeth
  • Cleans your teeth
  • Includes cancer screening and orthodontic assessment
  • Helps develop a custom preventive routine for home and suggest the best products for your particular care
  • Assists Dr. Dufour with orthodontic procedures

The Assistants:

  • Trained individuals who assist Dr. Dufour
  • Performs certain procedures independently of Dr. Dufour
  • Specialists in sterilization
  • Sets up and organizes treatment rooms
  • Will try to make your dental appointment as pleasant and comfortable an experience as possible
  • They can also answer questions you may have in regards to your dental health and the procedures you will be having done

The Dentist:

  • Her first and foremost priority is giving you the best dental treatment possible
  • She will diagnose dental and soft tissue diseases
  • She will thoroughly restore your teeth to their best health
  • She will always s offer you the best possible treatment option but always discuss all the available alternatives
  • If teeth can not be saved, she will provide you with replacement options